Front and Center: Spirit Lake compact cabin builder Dave Bates

SPIRIT LAKE – Dave Bates’ crew is building a custom home for a client from West Virginia.

The customer isn’t moving here – the house is moving there.
It’s mounted on a steel frame outfitted with wheels, and once it’s finished, a trucker will attach the home to a semi and haul it 2,400 miles across America.
Bates owns Portable Cedar Cabins, which specializes in “park model” recreational vehicles – basically, cabins on wheels.
The homes’ footprints are small – no bigger than 400 square feet – but with the help of high ceilings and efficient floor plans, they feel surprisingly roomy.
Last year, Bates sold 32 units, and is on track to match that output this year. During a recent interview, he discussed how the cabins have evolved since he started building them nine years ago, and how much it will cost to tow one from North Idaho to West Virginia.

  • All Portable Cabins are built to the ANSI Standard A119.5.
  • 2"x6" outer wall construction with R21 insulation, 7/16 OSB Shear, Vapor Barrier and Cedar Lap Siding.
  • Designed and built by us when you order.
  • Roof and floor have R21 insulation.
  • Interior Option Tung & Groove.
  • Almost any modification to suit your needs.
  • Wired or plumbed anyway you wish.
  • Custom single or double door entry.
  • Single wide portable cabins Only.
  • With or without a loft.
  • With or without a porch.
  • With or without a wood burning stove .
  • All units are built on superior custom trailer frames.

Made in the Northwest
Portable Cedar Cabins

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October 25, 2010
Dear Sir;
C/O Mr. Dave Bates
Portable Cedar Cabins
120 Walnut Lane
Spirit Lake, ID 83869

1550 W 15th Street
Casper, WY 82604
(800) 798-0045

This letter Is to advise/inform you that Portable Cedar Cabins is a client of Pacific West Associates. Inc. Portable Cedar Cabins Is subject to strict on-going Quality Assurance monitoring by our firm, In addition to this monitoring, Portable Cedar Cabins Product Design Drawings and Specifications are subject to plan/code review for compliance to the above mentioned codes and standards.

As a certified manufacturer of Park Models, Portable Cedar Cabins product drawings and specifications have been approved and show compliance with all applicable codes and standards regulating this type of product. All Portable Cedar Cabins products bear the Pacific West Associates, Int certification label stating compliance to the following applicable codes and standards:

A) 2009 ANSI 119.5 codes/standards.
B) 2008 NFPA 70 National Electric Code Section 552
C) 2008 ANSI/RVIA Low Voltage Standard

Pacific West Associates, Inc. holds certification in all existing "Code" States as well as three Foreign Countries as both a Design Approval Agency and a Quality Assurance Inspection and Monitoring Agency. The staff of Pacific West Associates, Inc. meet and/or exceed the strict requirements of the ASTM SEC. E541 standards for Design Review and Inspection Agency Criteria. Our firm is subject to strict on-going monitoring by the applicable States and Countries that we maintain certification in and as such our firm is recognized and licensed to continue to operate In these capacities.

In addition to these strict criteria, PWA Is certified and recognized by the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association as both a Design Approval Agency and Quality Assurance Monitoring Agency . Portable Cedar Cabins Is held to the Relational Park Trailer Industry Association Standards as is applied to its membership.