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Email Delivery or PickupDeliveryPickupAdd Breaks And Lights If You Are Picking Up Your Cabin And If You Will Be Traveling Often Usually Only 8.6' Cabins
Add Breaks And LightsAdd Breaks And Lights
Check If You Have Chosen Pickup For Your Cabin
Model of Portable Cedar Cabins
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Standard Is 13.6
Hitch Location
FrontBackPlease choose where you would like the trailer hitch to be located
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Left Back endRight Back endLocation of 25 ft RV power cord, please choose a side
Propane Tanks
Utility Shed For Propane TanksYesNo
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Standard Metal Roof
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Standard kitchen: Formica
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YesNoPlease select if you would like a small sink installed in the bathroom.
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Showers For 8. 6 Wide Are 32'' Showers 10 And Wider Can be 32'' Or 36'' 10' and can have a tub/shower combo as a Standard price.
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Water Heater Option
Please choose between a 20 gallon hot water heater OR a propane on demand heater
Please describe other
Standard tub/shower combination
Bathroom Door
Washer/Dryer Combo
YesNoWould you like a washer/dryer installed?
Would you like a stackable Washer/Dryer?
YesNoStackable: Washer is electric/dryer is propane
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